I have been going to Rosa’s Conversations for two years and feel that my usage and understanding of Spanish has improved dramatically – not only in my ability to understand the spoken language but also in my ability (and willingness) to speak it. Rosa provides an environment in which to learn Spanish that is encouraging, safe, comfortable, caring, fun and rewarding. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in improving their Spanish language skills – no matter what level of competence one has - to give Rosa’s Conversations a try. One won’t be disappointed.
-Linda K.

You have the patience to slowly build your group of learners. You're very conscientious about your work.You listen carefully. You keep notes. You follow up with whatever you think might help someone with something they're having difficulty with. You send your weekly readings and don't get pissed off when someone like me doesn't always get around to reading them. You're extremely flexible (…) In short, I was lucky to happen upon your flyer (…), and I'm happy that we're continuing to work together.

Rosa es una maestra excelente. Ella entiende las metas de los estudiantes y planea las clases para lograrlas. Para la mayoría de los estudiantes, lo más importante es comunicar, no necesariamente hablar con perfección. Por eso, aunque cometemos errores, por lo general Rosa permite que la conversación continúe y discutimos nuestros errores más adelante. Los lunes Rosa nos envia por e-mail algo para leer o escuchar antes de la clase. Eso da estructura a la conversación, lo cual es necesario para que todos puedan participar.

So many things are wonderful about Rosa's classes.  First, she draws and attracts great students!  We have terrific, interesting discussions on many different topics; she sends us absorbing things to read ; her corrections of our words or sentence construction are always gentle and helpful.  Her knowledge of so many things besides the Spanish language add a nice dimension to our classes .She provides a conducive, friendly atmosphere where we can laugh, share, make mistakes and learn.  I am lucky to have found this great teacher and human being!
 —Susan B.

I joined one of Rosa's Conversation groups a few months ago and I feel that it has really helped build my conversational confidence.  The sessions are challenging but fun--we laugh a lot even while we are working hard.  Rosa is very good at keeping the conversation flowing and explaining vocabulary and concepts when needed.

Rosa is an excellent mentor and teacher. The hour a week we spend in conversation is challenging and flys by. She adjusts quickly to my weaknesses and strengths and I always feel comfortable knowing  mistakes will be become my improvements.   My goal was to continue to develop my limited vocabulary and grammatical skill while improving my listening and speaking skills. Working with her has exceeded my expectations. Typically assigned homework involves translation of an article. The articles are informative and cover a wide array of subjects like politics, current events, and biographies, book reviews etc. During the sessions, we discuss what was read. This is immensely helpful in understanding how the language works in a real world context, while expanding my vocabulary. One other benefit has been the exposure to Latin American culture. On occasion, Rosa sends links to various topics like the difference between past tenses or radio ambulante, both of which are good information.

Disfruto nuestra clase. Honestly I always look forward to Tuesday… so much fun and I have you to thank for this experience!

Muchas gracias por la clase de conversación de español de hoy como siempre. A mí me gusta mucho este grupo. The class is such a good place to study both Spanish and about Latin America!


Rosa has the skills to encourage each group member to join in the conversation and the ability to patiently direct them toward correct expression. She's unusually generous in her desire to be helpful. This is exactly the opportunity I'd been looking for to build a comfort level with everyday Spanish.