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Our goal is to go to Perú every year (Jan-March) and explore one or more of the many wonders of my native country.

It's summer there! But that also means it's the rainy season in the mountains—or low-season for tourism. So far that has never ruined any of our trips. I believe Perú is a country where you should always have a plan B—which for adventurous travelers means that opportunities to discover new things and interact with people in different ways arise at every corner. And that's my cup of tea.

So we hope you will enjoy our trips as much as we do.

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People think Lima is just a stop on the way to Cusco. But being a blend of cultures, Lima has so much to offer! You have to explore the city and surroundings--Like Nor Yauyos-Cochas, Caral (the most ancient city of the Americas), Marcahuasi. There are many trips you can take from there! And we are going to do that.

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Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Unforgettable!

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Since you have to get here by bus, not many people go this way...yet.

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